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Lionfish Hunting

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Curacao is known for its diving. People from all over the world come here for the easy and beautiful shore dives. The reef is accessible from almost every beach. In addition, almost every site is easy to navigate, which makes our island perfect for beginner divers. On every dive you are sure to be amazed by the healthy reef teeming with sea-life big and small.


introduction dive - $100

1 tank guided dive - $60

→with full set +$25

2 tank guided dive - $80

→with full set +$25

1 tank guided night dive - $75

→with full set +$25

1 tank guided lionfish hunt - $75

→with full set +$25

rental set (incl. 1 tank) - $55 per day

rental tank incl. weights - $15


Underwater portraits (like those in slide show) and video available, please visit here for more samples. Prices available on request.